Stickman in Love: You make me happy!

Stickman in Love thinking of you makes me happy!

Stickman in Love: You make me SO happy!

You make me happy. SO happy! Always had and always will.

Remember the first time at my place? We both felt something on the sofa. Electricity. Destiny. Love. I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to be with You ever since.

It’s funny how things go. How life happens. How I feel like You’ve always been there and at the same time that we have just met.

And by the way, I love You. 


Stickman in Love: Love IS supposed to be madness!

Stickman in Love gives flowers.

Stickman in Love Madness

“When love is not madness, it is not love”, I told you. Something I’d googled forth earlier. I wasn’t sure, if you agreed. “We’ve only known each other so and so long”, you had said to my deaf Stickman ears couple of times. I had thrown my brakes away though, long before. Why would I need them, I thought, it’s the gas pedal that takes one forward. I still think so. Whatever the idea: if it feels good, just do it, just do it, just do it! Love is supposed to be madness.

Store Closed. Stickman Found Love.

Store Closed Found Love - Stickman in Love. Photo by Christer Hedberg.

Do you remember? Follow us to New York, you said. Are you sure, I rechecked.

Let’s do it! Store Closed. Stickman found Love. That was just couple of weeks after we’ve met in Moscow for the first time. After that I’d do anything. Follow me to Beirut – Yes! Follow me to Nigeria – Yes! Follow me in Twitter – Definitely maybe! And what a great trip we had. Found Love and will keep it near me forever.

Stickman in Love starts blogging

Stickman in Love finally as a blog

Stickman in Love finally as a Blog

It all started from longing. You know the feeling when you’re thinking of someone twentyfour/seven. Because of the distance between us Stickman in Love was born. It was a simple way to make feelings tangible. Just a couple of circles, some lines and maybe a dot or two. If I had a colour pen, that was party!

Finally Stickman in Love launches as a blog. The mission is as simple as the main character himself: show some love. To open my eyes and see it everywhere. If someone gets inspired along the way, that’s great, because meeting her in my life and thinking of her makes me grateful. Life is as good or bad as our prevalent thoughts. Long time ago I made a decision to see both sides, but to focus on the positive. That’s what Stickman in Love is about: focusing on the good in life.