Stickman Drawing: Fireworks

Stickman drawing thinking of You

Stickman drawing: Fireworks!

Remember the fireworks? We stopped the car, watched the sky and kissed. I already then saw the stickman drawing.

Remember the next time? We were at home. Suddenly the fireworks were all over the place. Like they were celebrating us. And I think they were. Why wouldn’t they? I love You.



Stickman in Love: You make me happy!

Stickman in Love thinking of you makes me happy!

Stickman in Love: You make me SO happy!

You make me happy. SO happy! Always had and always will.

Remember the first time at my place? We both felt something on the sofa. Electricity. Destiny. Love. I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to be with You ever since.

It’s funny how things go. How life happens. How I feel like You’ve always been there and at the same time that we have just met.

And by the way, I love You.