Stickman Definition

Stickman – what is that?

Stickman is usually a very childlike drawing of a person that consists of head and body. The head is normally drawn as a circle, where as the body is just some lines and dots. Stickman is easy to draw, which means that you can often see little children drawing stickman figures. They are also used in some comics, because they are easy to draw.

Stickman drawing a stickfigure


Stickman drawings and animations

Home made animations often use stickman instead of a real human, because stickman drawing is significantly easier to do. Stickman drawings are also used in a variety of computer games; especially in some older ones when the graphics weren’t that developed. Free Rider 2 is an example of a game, which is controlled by a cycling stickman figure. There is also some animation programs such as Pivot Stickfigure Animator, which allows you to do stickman animations 

Stickman in action – Follow our blog

Follow our blog in order to see Stickman in action. Stickman in Love is a blog that focuses on the beautiful things around us. It sees the love in unexpected. It sees light in darkness. And good in evil. One of the standing guests appearing in the blog is a stickman figure (based on a true story) who shares his love to the love of his life.


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