Stickman in Love – The Story

The Stickman in Love Story

Yes, I fell in love. Like completely. And some. After couple of months I noticed being on my knees at the Red Square in Moscow. Beautiful place, if you’ve never been there. And yes, she said no, if you were wondering. It turned out that the only way to get my money back from the engagement ring was to convince the classy jewelry store’s staff that she had died before I ever got on my knees. So I did it.

But that was months ago. Now I know that we’ll be someday blessed with the cutest baby ever. We might call him Waldemar and she could be Aurora or Wilhelmina, who knows. And I’ll ask her again to marry me, I promise you. Not too soon though, ’cause I have to be sure she’ll get her lines right this time and it takes some time to find a new classy jewelry store too.

Somewhere between all of this was born. I’ve been sending her some love notes and stickman in love drawings ever since that notorious day at the Red Square in Moscow. That was in late April 2012 and I felt like a fool. Now it’s late October 2012 and I’ll let you meet Stickman in Love. Through him I’ll one day let you know what she answers to my proposal.

True story.

Stickman in Love -blog’s purpose

The purpose of Stickman in Love -blog is mainly egoistic: to remind myself of all the beautiful things around us. To remind myself of all the wonderful people around us. And to remind myself of all the things that make it worth being positive and grateful.

Surely, if someone gets inspired that’s truly wonderful. Someone once said that for every inspired person there are one thousand uninspired. So I think it’s time to share some love. That’s the purpose of Stickman in Love. World is a wonderful place.


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